4 Ways To Use Leftover Whipped Cream

Light, fluffy cream is possibly the best topping for any dessert! Who can resist such light, tasty heaven? However, you may find yourself with a little more leftover than you bargained for and not enough hot chocolates to top with it. 

Whipped cream is fantastic as it is essentially a do-it-all topping. Leftovers can be used on anything from hot drinks to pancakes and whatever you use it for is sure to be ten times more delicious. 

Start with breakfast! Perhaps you fancy pancakes? Or waffles? Or even French toast? Adding a swirly mound of whipped cream can elevate your breakfast and make you feel like it’s your birthday every day… or at least until you use up all your cream. 

Drinks and whipped cream go hand in hand, whether it’s a hot chocolate, an iced latte, an Irish coffee or even a milkshake. You could even try adding whipped cream to cocktails for added fun! Play around with different flavours too… why not try caramel cream on top of your iced coffee? Or even incorporate a fruity twist for your milkshakes. 

Try making ice cream! Freezing whipped cream with a few additional ingredients can make delicious ice cream that you can use as a topping or side, or even just to eat straight out of the tub! 

You don’t have to limit yourself to sweet treats though! Whipped cream can also be used in savoury dishes. Plenty of recipes call for cream and nothing is stopping you from using the whipped kind.

Incorporate it into your mashed potatoes to create an even lighter, fluffier side dish than before. Or even use whipped cream to create delicious sauces and dips. Add flavours like horseradish, herbs or even chilli to create a light but still incredibly indulgent condiment to complement steak, potatoes or pasta. 


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